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Our 2021 Fundraiser

"Moving to be Efficient" 

As of December 29, 2021

KLMBA Fundraiser 2021 Money 12292021.png
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KLMBA 2021 Fundraiser Flyer
KLMBA 2021 Fundraiser Church / Pastor Letter 
2021 Fundraiser Registration Form 
KLMBA 2021 Fundraiser Friends / Family Letter
KLMBA Fundraiser 2021 Money Special Challenge 10132021.png

This massive fundraiser will be the entire Association (Trustees, Executive Board, KLEBC Board, Executive Director, Auxiliaries, Moderator, District Workers, and churches) coming together in order to raise $120,000 - $140,000 in order for the Association to run more efficiently.

This money will be set aside and only earmarked for the mortgage, lights, insurance, water bill, and inspection of the building. This will enable us to operate without coming to you every month for assistance, and give us the opportunity to plan a better operations strategy. Hopefully we will be in a better state of operations in Year 2022.

We will accomplish this by striving to get 80 to 100 persons from each district to give a onetime contribution of $225.00. We are also asking our auxiliaries to donate to the cause and our churches to assist where you can. Please feel free to call our District Workers for more information and direction. 

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