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Gospel Choir


                  My people, hear my teaching;
                listen to the words of my mouth.

            I will open my mouth with a parable;
      I will utter hidden things, things from of old—
              things we have heard and known,
              things our ancestors have told us.
     We will not hide them from their descendants;
                we will tell the next generation
           the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
       his power, and the wonders he has done.

                                             - Psalm 78:1-4 NIV


The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association is an association of predominately Black churches located across Horry County in South Carolina and southwestern North Carolina. The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association is a member of the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina.

Post Slavery History

The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association has a rich and full history, going back to the end of slavery after the Civil War. Forced to worship with their slave masters during slavery, the excitement of freedom after slavery ended allowed many former slaves the opportunity to worship when they wanted, where they wanted, how they wanted. Many new Black churches were created and member associations soon followed.  

The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association had its beginnings in the Gray’s Creek Colored Association (later renamed the Gray’s Creek Baptist Association), organized around 1862 in Cumberland County, North Carolina. The Gray’s Creek Colored Association stretched from northeastern North Carolina to Marion and Horry Counties in South Carolina. This meant a long tedious travel for the members, by horse and buggy or foot travel over rough roads and sometimes water. Reverend Moses Louder of Chesterfield MBC served as our South Carolina representative for the Gray’s Creek Colored Association.  

The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association is born

Flag Patch Missionary Baptist Church (MBC) was admitted to Gray’s Creek Baptist Association in 1872, followed by Chesterfield MBC and Mt. Calvary #1 MBC in 1873. On October 18, 1887, the Gray’s Creek Baptist Association voted for the following churches to organize and form a new association: Flag Patch MBC, High Hill MBC, Oak Grove MBC, Chesterfield MBC, St Mary MBC, McNeil Chapel MBC and Bethlehem MBC, Saint Paul MBC, and Silent Grove MBC.

On the fourth Thursday of November 1888, the first meeting of the association was held at Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, chosen because of its location in the county, congregation size and was well established. At the time, Oak Grove was located off old Reaves Ferry Road on Rodney Road, on the site where the current Oak Grove/ Mt Zion cemetery is located.


The Name “Kingston Lake”

The name of the association was given by Rev. William Graham, pastor of Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church at the time, who is also considered to be the Father of the Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association. Rev. Graham was traveling to the association forming meeting when he saw a sign on the old road to Longs opposite the Kingston Lake Presbyterian Church pointing to the Lake of Kingston. When names were suggested for the new association, Rev. Graham suggested the name Kingston Lake, which was warmly received and accepted.


Our Founding Fathers

Our Eleven Great Founders include:

  1. Rev. William (Bill) Graham – known as the “Father of Kingston Lake”

  2. Rev. R.B. Orlington

  3. Rev. Solomon Chestnut

  4. Rev. B.H. Clark

  5. Rev. H.B. Hunter

  6. Rev. B.J. Brown

  7. Rev. Buck Sherman

  8. Rev. Nick Floyd

  9. Rev. Sharpe Gore

  10. Rev. S.R. Eagles

  11. Rev. Patrick Dewitt


Past Moderators of the Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association

  1. Rev. R.B. Orlington (1887)

  2. Rev. Solomon Chestnut

  3. Rev. Solomon Eagles

  4. Rev. J.C. Chestnut

  5. Rev. Morgan Lewis

  6. Rev. J.R. Holmes

  7. Rev. H.H. Wilson (1928)

  8. Rev. J.H. Livingston

  9. Rev. O. Chestnut

  10. Rev. George Goings Daniels (1936-1948)

  11. Rev. G. W. Watson (1949-1962)

  12. Rev. I.W. Keel (1962-1978)

  13. Rev. Sylvester Riggins (1978-1982)

  14. Rev. Dr. Allen Braxton Nichols (1982-1992)

  15. Rev. Smart Smalls (1992-2000)

  16. Rev. Lonnie B. Chestnut (2000-2004)

  17. Rev. Jerry Faulk (2004-2012)

  18. Rev. Dr. Covia Stanley (2012-2020)

  19. Rev. Thessalonia Graham (2020-present)


Many of the early Moderators served one or two terms, which may have been two to five years.


Today, the Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association serves 37 member churches and has the Kingston Lake Business and Educational Center (KLBEC) to assist in serving our local communities and churches. Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association has its headquarters at the KLBEC, which is located on Church Street in Loris, South Carolina.



Sis. Karen Frinks, KLMBA Historian

Sis. Mildred Welch, KLMBA Historian

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